Kassie Takes Two

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My name is Kassie; I’m 18 and am doing my HSC this year. I have always set very strict goals for myself and force myself to reach them, that’s why this year has been so hard, but it will be worth it.

Now, at my school it is compulsory, during our final year, to take part in a psychological program to monitor student stress levels during the HSC. Once a week we are required to visit the school councillor to discuss “how we are feeling today”. It’s kinda lame if you have no issues to talk about, like me, but it is necessary.

My story takes place on a Friday afternoon. I realised that I hadn’t been for my meeting that week and seeing as it was pouring with rain outside and I didn’t really feel like walking home in it, I stopped in and asked if it was alright to do it now.

“Of corse Kassie” Mr Mackenzie replied “My door is always open”. He’s always full of those cheesy clichés, you get used to it.

I walked in, shutting the door behind me, as was the usual procedure, although there wasn’t much need as the school was already deserted even with the rain outside. I sat down on the couch under the window; Mr Mackenzie’s office was always very comfortable.

“I was wondering where you’d been this week Kassie.” Mr Mackenzie also had a way of saying your name a lot at the end of his sentences, I don’t know why…

“I’m real sorry Mr Mac, I’ve been totally swamped.”

“That’s too bad Kassie.”

We continued on like this for a while just discussing homework, teachers, classes, tests… until he sat down beside me on the couch, quite close to me actually. My body went on alert at the invasion, however slight and unintended it might be, of my personal space.

We talked like this for a while longer until he placed his hand on my leg. Just below the hem of my skirt. He continued to talk as his hand slid up my leg higher and higher under my skirt. Every place his hand touched became alive as he got closer and closer to my increasingly wet pussy.

Now Mr Mackenzie isn’t bad to look at. I’d guess early 30’s, but I’d never thought I’d be turned on like this over a teacher, but I figured, why not? There was no one around and I was interested as to where this might lead.

He began to stroke my pussy through my panties, pink lace in case you were wondering, and he’d stopped talking now.

I caught my breath as he pushed aside my panties and plunged illegal bahis one thick finger into my now steaming cunt. He worked it in and out faster and faster, adding another then another as I sat there letting it all happen. He began to undo my school shirt, button by button until he had revealed my heaving bosom, encased in a matching pink bra. He quickly removed that also, exposing my breasts in full. He massaged them with his free hand whilst continuing to finger my twat. Soon he started getting rougher. Pulling and twisting my nipples until I cried out. He bent down kissing and licking my breast before sucking hard on my delicate rosebuds occasionally biting down on them. He removed his hands then removed his pants, undoing his fly to reveal his hard-on. He quickly directed my head to his crotch. I instinctively opened my mouth and slid my lips down his long shaft until I felt it hit the back of my throat. With his hand on the back of my head, and with a fistful of my hair I continued to swallow his cock deep-throating him as far as I could before he began to groan deeply and I could sense him go stiff just as he released his hot jizz down my throat and into my belly.

Without missing a beat he pulled me off him and led me to his desk. He lifted me onto it kneeling before me, lifting my skirt and removing my panties with his teeth. Suddenly I felt his hot breath on my pussy as he started to lick it. My head swam as his talented tongue plunged inside me then started playing with my clit. I was breathing heavily, about to go over the edge when, much to my dismay and discomfort he removed his wonderful tongue.

“Oh god, don’t stop!” I pleaded him, “Fuck me!”

Without a word he pulled me down, stripped me of my remaining clothing, turned me around and bent me over his desk.

“Do it now!” I screamed at him and he slammed his entire length into me at once. I cried out but he took no notice of me after that. He just continued to thrust his big cock into me again and again. The pleasure mixed with the pain was intoxicating and I moaned loudly as he pushed me over the edge into an earth shattering orgasm.

It was a few moments before I realised that we were not alone.

I went white with fright when I realised that my history teacher was standing at the door with his dick getting hard in his hand watching as Mr Mackenzie continued to pound my young pussy. illegal bahis siteleri He walked over to us his eyes wandering over my naked body.

“Right on time John,” Mr Mackenzie groaned “just getting her warmed up.” With that he pulled out of me and ordered me to open my mouth. I didn’t move.

“Open your FUCKING mouth bitch!” he groaned, slapping my face hard. I opened up and took another load into my belly.

“Good girl,” he breathed turning away from me to Mr Hayes. “Fucking great cunt.”

Mr Hayes walked over too me running his hand over my exposed flesh. Lingering over my breasts before tracing down to my pussy. He brushed his fingers over my mound and pushed them between my lips into the warm depths beyond. I tried to pull away unsure as to just what was going on but he pushed me down holding me while he explored my most private areas. He slipped more of his fingers inside me, stretching my cunt.

Suddenly Mr Mackenzie’s fresh hard on was before my eyes being pushed against my lips again.

“Open wide Kassie dear, daddy’s got a treat for you.”

“Oh God please Mr Ma…..” but before I could finish he shoved it into my mouth.

I was filled with fear, suddenly this entire situation had been taken completely out of my control. I was at their mercy, and I knew I would do what ever they wanted me to.

I took Mr Mackenzie’s cock into my mouth again sucking it hard and fast.

“That’s a girl,” he smiled as I continued to swallow him down.

Mr Hayes continues playing with my twat until I began moaning with pleasure grinding my pussy onto his hand. I groaned as my mind and body exploded into an orgasm. As I recovered I realised that Mr Hayes and Mr Mackenzie had stripped their remaining clothes and Mr Hayes was preparing to enter my steaming cunt.

“Oh God! Please no!” I pleaded with him.

“Now Kassie it’s only fair that John gets a go too,” Mr Mackenzie said dismissing my feelings and concerns. With that Mr Hayes began to force his way into me. It was only then that I realised just how big he was, my pussy stretched to accommodate him causing a pain I had never known to bring tears to my eyes.

“No, No please… it’s too big… please stop! Please STOP!” I screamed as he continued pushing his way in not satisfied until his balls slapped against me. He held himself there for a moment not moving until I began canlı bahis siteleri to squirm beneath him his size was unbearable but his lack of motion was even worse. I begged him to move but he would not, and did not until I begged him to fuck me.

“Oh God, just fuck me Mr Hayes! Please use your cock and fuck me hard!”

With that he began to pound his enormous dick into me again and again violently slamming my body against the desk.

Mr Mackenzie shoved his cock into my mouth again and I sucked it hungrily down my throat until he was gasping and groaning with pleasure. Mr Hayes quickly changed our positions so that I was now on top riding his cock for all I was worth. Mr Mackenzie stood behind me caressing my arse telling me what a whore I was.

“You’re such a filthy little slut aren’t you Kassie? Your enjoying John’s cock there aren’t you?” he reached around and began to play with my tits pulling my nipples causing me to moan, “see Kassie you’re no more than a common whore now, and now I’m going to show you just how much fun it can be.” With that he pushed me flat on top of Mr Hayes and pushed one thick finger into my arse. Lost in the heat of it all I simply moaned like the wonton tramp I had become while riding Mr Hayes. Mr Mackenzie continued to work my arse but before long I felt the head of his cock begin to push its way in.

inch by inch he forced it further down my back passage until he was completely in. I had never believed I could feel that way in my life. I was so full of cock and loved every bit of it. I moaned like a whore for more as my two teachers set themselves in a rhythm. Mr Hayes molested my tits with his mouth and hands and Mr Mackenzie spanked my arse harder and harder.

“You fucking filthy bitch Kassie” Mr Mackenzie panted as he and Mr Hayes used my young body “you fucking little whore, your enjoying this so much aren’t you?”

“YES!” I screamed, “Oh shit! Oh God! Fuck me oh harder please harder I need your cocks,” I begged them “that’s it oh fuck yes, oh yes, fuck me, fuck me harder, oh god make me cum, I need it please, spank my arse, oh god, oh, oh shit, uhn, uhn, uhn, uhhhhhhhhhn!”

I came harder than I had ever cum in my life, my body shaking with it but still they continued. I came over and over again until finally they released themselves into me. My body ached so full of their cum it poured out of me.

“Thank you Miss Williams” Mr Hayes said “You should join us at the next staff meeting I think you’d enjoy it” with that he and Mr Mackenzie left me to clean my self up and make my way home.

“Maybe I will,” I said to the empty room, “Maybe I will.”

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