Kevin And I Have Some Public Pool Fun

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The last few years I’ve thought a lot about some naughty fun I had with my buddy Kevin back in my late teens. Today I’m married and in my mid fifties. I guess I’m basically straight, but I find myself fanaticizing more and more about messing around with guys the way I did for a short time back in my late teens. What follows is one of the things I did. I’ll start with the fun my buddy and I had with girls back in high school.

My best high school buddy was Kevin. We met in our freshmen years and were pretty much inseparable for the next four years. We played the same high school sports and even double dated for the prom. Once we discovered girls we spent a whole lot of time finding ways to get in their pants. We’d take one or two girls to a drive-in movie or head out into the country to find a quiet place to park and neck for awhile.

Hell did we have fun in that car. Back then getting in a girl’s pants was a real big deal. One girl I remember real well was Nancy. The word was she was easy, and man did we take advantage of that! Kev took her out first and she gave him a hand job on the first date. Remember we are talking 1960’s and getting a girl to beat you off was a big deal. After a couple of dates alone with Nancy, Kev convinced her to go to a drive-in with the two of us. Holy shit our hands were getting in each others casino siteleri way as we had our fun with her. This girl had “hot pants.” I mean she did all for us. We’d pick her up and twenty minutes later she would be sucking one of our dicks, playing with the other guy, while we had all kinds of fun with her. We were cunt hounds back then.

We’d talk about our sex escapades and joke about beating our meat all the time. But there was never even a hint of Kevin and me having even the slightest bit of fun between us back in high school. That all changed when we were both 18 and had just graduated from high school.

That last summer before heading off to separate colleges we both got grunt jobs. I worked with a landscaper and Kevin busted his tail working for an asphalt layer. This was hard hot work. At night we’d chill out by heading to the local outdoor public swimming pool and sneaking a few illegal beers. A couple of weeks into summer we were at the pool just after dark. Kevin was on the pool deck and I was swimming under water with my goggles on. Kev dove in and bingo his trunks slid down almost to his dick. He had a real dark bus. I had seen Kevin before in the locker room, but this time it had a strange effect on me. When he came to the surface he was cracking up, “My damn suit almost came of.”

I said, “Kev I slot oyna know it did too. I was under water. I saw it all. Hell you have a real bush!” I don’t know why I said what follows, but I’m glad I did and it led to fun then and fantasy for over 30 years since then.

I said, “I bet you a buck that you wouldn’t dive in so your trunks come all the way down.” A little game had started, and to be honest I think we both knew where it would end.

Kevin looked around and there were loads of people in the pool, but not too many real close to us. Kevin said, “I’ll do it, but how will you know if they are down far enough?”

I said, “That’s easy I’ll have my goggles on and be underwater.

Kevin replied, “Your on.” and pulled himself out of the pool. He got up on the deck and shyly looked around.

He was having second thoughts so I said, “You chicken shit?”

“Nope!” he said, and then “Go under water.”

I said, “Let’s move closer to the underwater light.” We did and I went under. I was getting excited. There was danger here and something else. I was under water a few seconds and bingo Kevin dove in head first and right away I could see his trunks were pushed way below his dick. After the dive Kev faced me and grabbed his dick. He waved it at me, and didn’t pull his trunks up. Damn I wanted to stay under canlı casino siteleri water to see more, but I had to come up.

Kevin immediately said, “You owe me.” and then added, “If you don’t believe me they’re still down.” We were pretty close together so I dove under. My head was within inches of his dick, and it was erect now.

I came up and said, “The buck is yours.”

Then he said, “Pull yours down.”

Oh shit I thought at night even with underwater lights no one could really tell what we were doing down there. I looked around and no one was paying us any attention so I pulled my trunks down. He dove under and surprised the hell out of me by grabbing my dick. Oh shit now I was really getting excited.

Kev came up and said, “I can’t wear my glasses in here so I wanted to make sure.”

Now we both looked around us and no one was taking notice, and almost simultaneously we grabbed each others now erect penises. I dove under water to watch myself do it a couple of times. The fact that we were in a public pool added to the excitement. All of a sudden Kevin’s eyes rolled back and he moaned, “Oh man Tom. Oh shit that feels good.” I could feel his hips thrusting into my moving hand. Then again, “Oh fuck. Now faster! Now!” With one more thrust and his head moving back I knew he was cumming. Over and over his body shook and my hand stayed with him till he was totally spent.

Over the next months there were to be loads more adventures, but I’ll leave things for now. I hope you’ve enjoyed the true life story.

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