Learning to Surrender Pt. 08

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Rick thought about the amazing sex that had been filmed for days. He wondered what he looked like and what Jack would do with the film while he was out of town. What was clear was that Jack was editing the video and would every day send a screen cap or two of the footage being edited with very lewd comments of how much he enjoyed that particular shot or moment. He sent Rick so many Snapchats of his thick manhood spraying enormous loads of semen onto a counter or towel.

The steady stream of photos had Rick in a near perpetual state of arousal. His body ached to be touched and used by his one and only man. He found himself staring and masturbating himself wishing his orgasms were guided by Jack and his blessed manhood. Jack had told his boy that he was coming back at the end of the week on Friday. Rick waited excitedly for that day and on Thursday he got a call.

“Hello Rachel… how’s my little girl doing?”

“Good… missing your manhood and waiting to drain out every drop of your semen…”

“Sounds like you need some good loving…”

“I do… I really do… I really miss y-“

“I want you to come to my house tomorrow.”


“I have another surprise for you…”

“What is it?”

“You’ll see. But do you promise to put away all of your fears and doubts and trust me?”

“Yes Jack… I will trust you with anything…” Rick couldn’t begin to imagine what his man had planned for him to say such a mysterious thing.

“Come over tomorrow and I will have something for you to wear for me in the bathroom ok?”

“Ok… Oh and Jack… I um… miss you.”

“I know. Anything else you want to say?”

“I um… trust you.”

“That’s it?”

“I… love you.”

“Good. I want to see how much.”

“Yes, Jack. Come home. I’ll show you.”

“Yes, you will.”

The workday couldn’t end soon enough for Rick and soon he was racing to his lover’s house. Sure enough the front door was unlocked. There was no sign of Jack. No matter, Rick was to excited to go prepare himself. He went into the bathroom and smiled at what he saw. There was a small card from Jack.

“Dear Rachel. Wear this and be my best girl tonight.”

On the counter was the choker with the pendant marking him as Jack’s but also somehow an even thinner white thong. There was a matching skimpy bra. And there were long stockings of a very delicate white lace. There was a white band meant to cinch his scrotum. And there was a white plug with a sparkly gem on the end. Rick nervously put all of them on. He put the band tight around his balls and lubed, then pushed the white plug into his bottom. The white thong was tight up in his butt and had barely enough material in the front to hold in his smaller dick. His small balls leaked out to each side of the string. The bra was so tight and thin that his small nipples could be seen through. Then, he slowly rolled on the stockings that ran up to his upper thigh. Rick looked in the mirror and couldn’t believe what he looked like. It was feminine to the point of terrifying. He had never seen his own wife or past exes dress like this before. And here he was putting it all on to please a man who held such power over him.

He walked outside and went to the sex room. He sat on the bed and decided to lay on the bed as seductively as he could so Jack would go crazy the moment he walked into the room. After trying out different positions all over the bed, Rick decided to give his man what he wanted most. He got on all fours and laid his head and elbows down on a pillow. He felt strange and vulnerable waiting like this but he knew that he wanted to be taken and used. Given how he was dressed and where he was, the only reason for his existence in that house, in that room, and on that bed, was to be fucked, enjoyed, and bred by a real man.

Rick then heard footsteps coming downstairs. He was so excited and already leaking at what was going to happen. He wondered how many loads he would receive and if he would be driven to the point of admitting his deepest feelings during sex again. The door opened but to Rick’s shock and terror, it wasn’t Jack. In stepped a tall and powerfully built older black man wearing nothing but a pair of boxer briefs.

“Hi Rachel… my name is Thomas… I’m best friends with Jack.” Rick immediately sat up and thought about trying to cover up but he was frozen stiff wondering what was going on. He sat up and without thinking held the pillow to cover as much of himself as he could. Where was Jack? Was this going to be another threesome he wasn’t told about? The black man was huge and clearly went to the gym every day. The outline of the package under the boxer briefs also was impressive to the point of worrisome because it didn’t seem to be aroused yet at all.

“Um… where’s Jack?”

“Oh yea he’s delayed because of flight cancellations coming back home but um… here, this is for you.” Thomas reached out and handed over a piece of printed paper.

“Dearest casino oyna Rachel, This is my best friend Thomas. I told you about him before, how unlike Matt, he had no problem getting sex from whoever he wanted, whenever he wanted. Usually he isn’t into boy’s but I told him a-lot about how special you are to me and one of his most passionate fetishes is being the first BBC sex for young smaller Asians. He is tested very regularly just like me by the way. I originally planned for us to play together so he could see how amazing you were in bed. But I got delayed until tomorrow. But I still want you go solo. Treat him like you would me. Give him full access to your body and fulfill all his needs. If you are scared and don’t want to, he will understand and leave and I will see you tomorrow. Whatever rules you want to set, you can tell him and he will follow them. Make me proud Rachel and I’ll know you’ll be the one for me. -Jack”

Rick was still stunned into silence. He looked back at Thomas standing there smiling and waiting.

“Come here baby…”

Rick slowly crawled off the bed and nervously walked up to him. He couldn’t look him in the eye and kept his head down, still holding the letter, noticing how defined every muscle was on this black man’s body. He began to notice the outline of the largest manhood he had ever seen under the boxer briefs. Big strong black hands that contrasted against his pale skin grabbed his hands, knocking the letter to the floor, and brought them to feel rippling abs. Rick felt Thomas’ hands begin to slowly roam up his back and pull him closer and closer. Still he couldn’t talk, just stare down at his hands now moving around most muscular torso he had ever seen, let alone felt. Then his hands were grabbed again at the wrist and pulled up over Thomas’ shoulder. Rick knew what was about to happen. He was signaling that this man could roam his hands over his entire body as he hung hung onto Thomas’ neck.

“Baby… your body is every bit as sweet and smooth as Jack said it was. No wonder he hasn’t been going out to his usual places to pick up boys. I can’t wait to have you to myself tonight… You want to be my baby girl tonight?”

Rick couldn’t bring himself to talk. A strong hand pulled his hair back forcing him to look at Thomas face to face. He marveled at such heavy facial features and before he could react, Thomas began kissing him. Thick lips and a very muscular tongue tried to part his lips but Rick froze. He was being seduced by a black man! What would people think if they found out? Unwavering, Thomas knew how to open up the boy. He reached down and slipped his big right hand over the boy’s thong and fondled the wet, small genitals. He then grabbed the boy’s balls roughly. Rick yelped partially in pain and pleasure, giving Thomas the moment he needed to push his tongue into the boy’s mouth. Rick groaned as he stopped resisting and let Thomas take lead. Rick began to explore all the muscles on Thomas’s shoulders and back. He even reached down and felt how muscular this man’s butt was and wondered how much power he pounded his lover’s with. No wonder he had no trouble getting sex from women. Rick moaned and twisted against the strong black body and Thomas played with him like a master musician. Big strong hands moved wherever they wanted, undoing and tossing away the skimpy bra. He smiled when he reached down between the boy’s cheeks and felt the tip of the plug under the thong. When he gently pressed on it with his finger tips, Rick yelped into his mouth.

Rick pulled away for a moment. “I… can’t… breathe…”

Thomas gave him a break as Rick placed his forehead on Thomas’s chest, heaving to breathe. Thomas noticed the boy’s hands were still on his body. He smiled at the sign of submission. He kept his hands on him too, resting them on the boy’s bubble butt. Rick knew that from the gentle kneading of his ass that things had come too far to tell Thomas that he couldn’t go through with it. Still, he wanted to be Jack’s girl, not just anyone’s. He wanted to save something for his man, or at least try. Thomas meanwhile could see the boy thinking. It was a look he had seen before in so many women, especially married women he regularly bedded as they furiously thought of ways to justify what they really wanted and try to convince themselves of what was going to happen, even though their fate was already decided by him.

“This is really happening huh?”

“Yes baby, it is. You know you want it.”

“I don’t have alot of experience with men, especially men like you…”

“I know. That’s what we’re gonna change tonight.”

“If we do this… do you promise not to cum inside of me? That’s only for Jack.”

“Baby, you know I’m clean… But yea, I’m fine with whatever you say… I just want you to know that I’m going to really enjoy your body and you are going to feel the same. Have you ever thought about being with a black man?”

“No… ”

“What about when Jack used his black toy on you… slot oyna Yea… he showed me a clip of how you took it in.” Rick couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“I did wonder a bit.”

“No more wondering, baby.” Thomas took the boy’s hands and brought them down to his manhood and had Rick cup and cradle his hot and heavy balls over his briefs. Again, he had done this hundreds of times before. Not even a married woman could resist him once they felt how full and hot his scrotum was. And he was right. Rick knew instantly that this man was even larger than Jack. How was he going to avoid receiving this much semen?

“I… ok… just… tell me when you cum so we can stop and you can pull out ok?”

“Ok baby girl… just so you know… I cum alot and often…”

“I can tell…”

“Get on your knees, baby.”

Rick knelt on the floor coming face to face with a very bulging manhood trapped under the boxer briefs. As his hands trailed up enormously muscled legs, he began to feel a fear he had not felt since the first times he learned to take Jack into his mouth. The silence in the room made him almost hear his heartbeat now raging within him. Thomas just stood there waiting for Rick to make his moves.

Rick’s small fingers hooked into the bands of the boxers and began to pull them down but Thomas’ manhood was too big to come down and pop out on their own. Thomas closed his eyes prepared himself to be sexually worshiped. Rick began to pull down the front of the briefs and then out sprung the longest, thickest penis he had ever seen or imagined. Thomas was circumcised, veiny, and well larger and thicker than Jack. Even more breathtaking was the size and swing of the heaviest balls he had ever seen. As his small hands held the shaft, he couldn’t believe the heavy weight of the flesh. He moved his left hand to the balls and could barely hold one of the balls let alone hold both up. Thomas let his hands rest on the boy’s head as he felt Rick gently begin to kiss his shaft slowly from end to end.

Rick closed his eyes and began to use his tongue and lick and suck Thomas. He felt the veins along the sides, how hot and large each testicle was, and the shape and ridges of the tip. He felt Thomas’ body begin to tense and his manhood would begin to twitch as Rick learned what made this man happy. Big thick hands began to caress his head and hair as he prepared himself to swallow as much as he could of this big black cock. His lips slid over and he swirled his tongue but felt like he barely had much of it in his mouth. He felt the tip press against he back of his throat. Just as he had for Jack, he breathed through his nose and gently rocked his head back and forth, angling his neck and throat to start to deepthroat his first black man. His hands were busy massaging, pulling, fondling the enormous balls.

Soon Rick found himself moaning and in a daze as he began to lose track of time. All he wanted was more grunts and groans of approval of this powerful man he had in his mouth. He was so focused on chasing Thomas’ approval that he failed to notice the man’ body starting to tense. The balls began to tighten and Thomas’ breathing became more and more unsteady.

“Baby… I’m gonna cum… You’re gonna make me nut…” Thomas really didn’t want to pull out. It was against his sexual principles. He never let anyone not take his gifted seed but he did want to honor the limits set by the boy out of respect for his friend Jack. He was soon finding it hard to hold himself steady but the boy would not let up. He tried to gently push back on Rick’s head and pull himself away a bit so he could calm himself but Rick became only more aggressive, pulling him in deeper into his throat with his hands on Thomas’ butt.

Rick didn’t even realize how close Thomas was to cumming. He was busy moaning, his small dick leaking profusely into his panties, trying to breathe and control his throat to take more and more of him. Never before had his throat been so assaulted as it was being in that moment. Rick was enraptured by the raw power and energy he felt pleasuring his first black man. The thrill was so different with the other men he had been shared with. When Thomas’s whole body began to shake and the big heavy testicles pulled up and together, Rick realized what was happening but he didn’t want to pull away. The thought entered his mind that he should have Jack’s friend cum on his face or maybe on his tongue for him to spit out, out of respect and exclusivity to his man Jack. But he also wanted to fully know the reward of pleasuring a man like this. And then in the middle of that thought, it happened. Shot after shot of warm sperm shot into his mouth and down his throat. Rick swallowed again and again and again, sucking as hard as he could between swallows. His mouth filled again and again with spurt after spurt until Thomas finally stopped giving seed. Rick swallowed one last time and looked up at the dazed man standing above him. He then began to lick and kiss the canlı casino siteleri softening manhood as clean as he could. The taste of this man’s semen was so strong and different from Jack or even Matt. It clung to his mouth and his teeth more and had a slightly sweeter and thicker taste.

Thomas stepped back, stumbling as he sat back on an armchair. “Oh my God, baby… that was amazing… I can’t believe you took all of me. Sorry about cumming in your mouth… I tried to warn you but I couldn’t help it… you’re so talented, baby girl…”

“It’s ok… ” Rick sat back on the bed and laid back down. His mouth was sore but he was happy as he stared dazed up at the ceiling. He didn’t notice the way Thomas was looking at him hungrily. Thomas began to think about how much this boy was going to scream and squeal like a virgin. He smiled wondering if the boy had any other plans that morning because he was going to take his body and use him for his pleasure all night.

Rick could still taste how strong and thick Thomas’ semen was in his mouth as he rested on the bed staring up at the ceiling. His neck and mouth were sore but he was in a happy bliss to have drained such an enormous man. Before he could get his thoughts together he looked up at Thomas walking towards him to the edge of the bed.

“You know what time it is now right, baby girl?”

Rick knew that the inevitable had come. He was going to be fucked – by his first black man. The manhood he had trouble pleasuring with his mouth and hands was going to be inside of him. He had no idea how it was going to fit and was more than a bit scared. He nodded.

“Look at me. Look in my eyes baby.” Rick looked up at the face of intense desire. “You don’t have to do this if you’re scared or if you don’t want to. I need to know you want this otherwise it’s not going to work. I need you relaxed and trusting me totally.”

Thomas brought Rick’s hands to his genitals.

“I want you and your body tonight. I’m not going to fuck you like someone else’s… I’m going to fuck you like you’re mine baby. Tonight, you will belong to me, inside and out ok?”

What would Jack say or think? Rick figured Jack knew what he was doing and did want him to do whatever Thomas wanted.


“Ok, what?”

“Yes Thomas… My body is yours tonight. I’m… not Jack’s tonight… I’m totally… yours.” Rick found the words hard to say but it seemed to be what Thomas wanted to hear.

“Good. Now get in doggy position and show me that ass.”

Rick turned around and presented himself only to be shocked when his cheeks were slapped and grabbed.

“Damn girl. You have an ass made for taking a good pounding.” The smacks hurt and big firm fingers grabbed and squeezed his flesh at will, spreading his ass, exposing his plug. “We dont need none of this.” Rick felt and heard the rip of cotton tearing as his thong was torn off his bottom. He felt cold air on his anus as the plug was pulled out of him, exposing his gaping hole to his new man.

“Baby, spread your knees and legs and don’t hold back crying out for me ok? I like my bitches loud.”

“Yes Thoma-” Before Rick could even finish the word, he felt two hands roughly grab and spread his ass and the strongest, longest tongue he could ever imagine darted into his ass. He immediately began screaming and babbling, drooling onto the sheets, his hands white at the knuckles from grabbing and holding onto the blankets below him as a rock hard tongue licked and probed him deeper than ever before. Again and again, Rick squealed, screaming to God and Thomas, who also began to use his right hand to pump Rick’s small penis which immediately began to splatter watery semen onto the bed.

Thomas knew what he was doing. It was his MO. He had trained himself to be an expert at eating out the assholes of the girls he usually won over. Even the most conservative married woman would instantly become his sex slaves once he put his tongue deep into their ass. It was his confirmation that he owned that body and could do whatever he wanted from that point on.

Thomas began to alternate between his probing tongue, flicking and darting into Rick’s shaking bottom, and his left index finger. He was just as aggressive with his finger as he was with his tongue, snaking deep and probing for the spots that made the squealing boy howl and tear at the bedsheets. Using his professional fingering, he would trace around the prostate and then press down on it, causing the boy’s small dick to leak even more. When he thought the gripping pressure had loosened on his finger, he inserted two fingers. Rick felt it but couldn’t do anything but moan. He could feel every escalation as the fingers would move together and then independently. He couldn’t believe any man could have so much talent with just his fingers. While he shrieked and screamed at his innards being tickled, pressed, probed and toyed with, he heard Thomas asking him things but he could hardly breath, let alone talk. Suddenly the fingers, the tongue, everything stopped. Two strong hands gripped his ass and kept his cheeks spread. He felt so lonely and vulnerable, abandoned by a real man’s attention. He slowly opened his eyes and looked back.

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