My Teacher, My Love Ch. 16

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After posting this I felt that I should have posted this as one complete story, but when I wrote it, it just wrote itself as an episodic story so this the reason for 16 parts. For those who read all this story or for those that didn’t, I really hoped you enjoyed it. I would like to believe in everything that has been written, and that like me you truly know what true love is, like I have with my Sophie. Hope and Love is what makes people continue their lives, so even if it does seem far fetched and unrealistic to some, just believing in the idea of this story will make the world a better place for us all.

Thank You for all your comments, votes and support, it brings me great joy that I can write something people can enjoy.

With All My Heart, Thanks.


Part 16 – Conclusion

When I got home I told Amy and our parents that I had told Melissa I am gay. I told them why I told her, that I wanted her to avoid asking me about her dad, but also that I needed her to understand that I trusted her too. They all trusted my decision, and although it might hint slightly that I am seeing Amy, it was my decision to make. They also seemed happy for me to make an effort to start going out with Melissa to socialise with people my own age. Even though when I did go out it affected my time with Amy, she was happy to see me become more sociable and outgoing. Even though I was not able to go out with Amy, we both decided that neither of us should stay at home all the time. So Amy decided it was time to start trusting people her own age and make friends.

Melissa did not mention her dad again or ask me what my dad had heard. We talked more about our romantic feelings, hers for boys and mine for girls. It was fun to talk freely, but also difficult not to slip up and tell her about Amy. We went out every weekend and soon started to get noticed by people, between the two of us in 3 weeks we had started to become popular people, especially Melissa, which was a good thing. Melissa and I both got asked out a few times by guys, and Amy agreed I should try it for the experience. I did, it was ok, but I had to let him down gently before he got the wrong idea, but Melissa had a second date with her new ‘boyfriend’ Greg. He seemed nice and Melissa said he was not pushy and seemed quite interested in her.

Life at home was great. Amy and I started having more fun with each other now that everything had settled. Dad helped me become part owner of Amy’s house, we were even able to set up a joint account for the rent money to go into, we felt even more together. She got a letting agency to deal with finding tenants and the house was soon filled with a family, they agreed to keep her mail safe until she collected it at weekends. They also were very kind making sure people assumed she still live there, without asking questions as to why. Even though Amy had started to go out a couple of times a week with other teachers and with me having my time with Melissa and my new friends, neither of us regretted missing out on quality time with each other. We found plenty of time to be together at home, but as that was the only place to be together and socialising was important for us both, it did not matter.

We had sex whenever we could, we tried a few different positions and we were happy with the pace we found with each other. I could tell you the time when we tried water sports in the shower, but we decided to never speak of it again, but we tried. Amy still felt negative about dildos, but now that I wanted to try new things together I asked her to at least see what we could purchase and at least think about trying it. So we explored the internet, found a site that discretely delivered sex-toys to your door. Gaziantep Elden Ödeme Alan Escort I have to say it was the most fun afternoon I had spent with Amy. She had never bothered with toys in her life so could not tell me how it may feel, but we read some of the reviews.

We looked at all of the many types of toys, including checking out the sexy lingerie. I told Amy I would like to see her in a corset, white, with matching underwear, tights and suspenders; I said she would so sexy, she thought about it and agreed, but said she would also like me to where the same, so we purchased a set each, and also one each in black. In terms of toys, the shear amount of toys to choose from was amazing, we even imagined and played with each other as we figured which would be the best toy to buy. After a few hours, we chose a pocket rocket which was a mini vibrator, a normal standard vibrator, about 5 inches, something called a rabbit, which Amy said she would enjoy me using on her, and then maybe later she could use it on me.

The final choice was difficult for us to agree on, whether or not to get a strap-on set. Amy was not entirely sure she wanted to waste money on something we may not like. But together we agreed that so far we had tried things we would not normally do and so we got one. We ended up buying a deluxe pack, which contained the strap part and about 7 attachments. The attachments varied in size, there was even a small 5 inches one which secretly I could see Amy using on my ass once we received it. There was even a really big one that we felt we would never use. And then there was a double headed one which we could both use with or without the strap. The single headed ones had an extra bit that could stimulate the users clit while having sex with there partner. Amy even snuck in a pair of handcuffs, even though the wooden bed frame had no where to fit them, she thought that one day we might find a use for them. Very kinky of her I said. Once we had spent nearly £200 on it all, we were about ready to order.

Then Amy felt that whatever we get we could survive on for many years and she felt that while we ordered the toys she wanted to also check out the film section and maybe even a book. Now Amy had experience in porn films and had years ago made notes on who made the best films. We chose three in the end after searching through about a hundred reviews. The first was what Amy called the basic porn film., which she described as bad acting and even faker moaning, but some of it was pretty raw and it might be good now and again to watch. Next was what I chose, it was a foreign film, which had the most beautiful girls in it; it was very artsy type of film, pretty and sweet rather than real and rough. The last one was supposed to star real lesbian women, having real sex and making real sounds. This added about another £60 to the bill.

The book section had many to choose from as well. We got three of those as well. We found a romantic story about a teacher and student at college in America, so we could read how they met and how they coped through college, making sure no one found them out. The next one was a bunch of short lesbian stories in a big volume book. Amy laughed that if I ever had trouble sleeping she would read to me. Finally the one we had to fight over, I wanted a teaching book, something like a better lesbian sex book, but Amy felt uncomfortable as to why we needed one if we had great sex anyway. I understood her reasoning, but I said what if there are things in the book we haven’t tried, it will be fun to try and copy them, even if they seem weird. We had tried lots of positions but I knew there had to be more, so Amy agreed and purchased a book that claimed to have every sex position available for lesbians.

The books were the final purchase, bringing the total to over £300, now came the hard part. I placed the order in my name, we had told our parents to expect a private package in my name and they said they would respect our privacy. The items would take 28 days as some of the items were imported, so now we just needed to wait. But after all that time on the internet, we were really turned on excited by our purchases, that we shut the window, stripped naked and spent the next 4 hours in bed. We were both so turned on especially about what would happen when the products arrived and how it would feel.

So things at home settled well. Amy was so at home with us, it was like she had always been there. Dad was having a party at his firm and invited Amy and I to attend along with mom. Even though playing discrete had become easier, especially all the practice we got at school, we managed to sneak in a bit of fun, and enjoyed our first outside date together. Dad said we should try and relax as much as possible, to enjoy ourselves, but still without drawing attention. It was easy after a lot of practice and we even managed a dance together. We commented on how sexy we both looked and that when we got home we would both be out of our clothes and in bed. I was so happy and so was Amy, we had found each other, and part of me felt practically married.

Mom and dad were happy; the house was filled with happiness and love and even suggested that maybe we should plan to go away at Christmas. Just the 4 of us so that Amy and I could be able to go outside and act like a couple. This worried us both, because even though we both really wanted to, the feeling was that we were still gay and that people may not act kindly towards us. But mom had already thought of that and she had found a town in America that was a gay friendly place. Wow, how great are our parents, they thought of us before them, they really wanted us to experience the outside world, together. Mom also added that once we got comfortable with being seen together by other people, we could at least be prepared and feel comfortable once we both came out. We both cried our agreement to the holiday, reminding them we loved them both and how amazing they really are. Christmas was not for another month, but dad had managed to already book it and asking us was just being polite as he knew we would both agree. So now we spent as much time finding out about the place we were going and all the sights to see, together, hand in hand.

This all happened over the last 3 weeks since I told Melissa was gay and that someone had found her dad. It was a Friday just after school had finished and Melissa and I were walking home, discussing meeting tomorrow to go ice skating, maybe to see a film and then go out for a night on the town. When we arrived at Melissa’s house, there were two police cars and we wondered what had happened. We arrived just as the police were placing both Melissa’s mum and step-dad into a police car. Her mum was really giving them a fight, especially when she saw Melissa; she was begging Melissa to tell them that it was not true. But Melissa was in shock, so I held her, as eventually her mum was put in the car and was taken away. From a car across the street a man exited and approached us, Melissa shouted daddy and ran towards him. I stayed behind as I watched Melissa hug her father tightly; it was very emotional for both of them, including me.

Eventually Melissa introduced me and I invited them to my house if they wanted. They agreed and I took them home. Once there Melissa was told by my dad and her dad what had happened to her mum and step-dad. How Melissa’s dad had come to take her away from her mum for good. The charges against Melissa’s mum and step-dad were very strong; they had nearly a million in the bank, made up of dodgy dealings, fraud and even some drug dealing. Melissa was sad for her mum, but had accepted easily that her mum and step-dad had dug there own graves, but she was very happy to have her dad back. Her dad explained that Melissa’s step-dad threatened to hurt Melissa if he tried to stay in touch, he could not risk that, especially with the hold Monica had on certain people. So he waited until she was old enough to leave, then he would have made contact. It was a long day of crying and happiness. I invited them to stay in Amy’s room, Amy agreed saying she could stay with me tonight. They were so tired they never questioned it and we all went to bed.

Life is funny, I remember so much about mine and Amy’s first few weeks together; I can still feel that first kiss, and when my hymen was broken by Amy’s fingers. But over time life became just normal, sure things happened, some good, some bad. But 10 years later, Amy and I a very much still together and even more in love than when we first met. About 3 years ago we were legally married in a civil service, with all our friends and family gathered around us. Amy looked radiant; she was 4 months pregnant with our first child. Now I am the one pregnant with our second. Amy still teaches while I became social worker. Of the professions I chose, I chose the one that helps people, those less fortunate than others. It was hard work and pretty emotional a lot of the time, but I learnt to deal with it and with Amy always by my side supporting me, I even felt good about myself helping whenever I could.

We decided to stay near mom and dad, but did move to a new house together, 5 years we have lived here, and have shared very happy moments together. We got a dog, and then we decided to start a family. It took a while, choosing the right donor, and even though it was expensive, with mom and dad’s financial help, we exchanged eggs. Firstly Amy gave birth to my biological son, Michael, and now I have going to have Amy’s biological daughter, who we will name Emma. The house Amy’s Aunt left her, we still own and make a could extra living out of it, which paid for the deposit on the house we live in now and some of the cost of the IVF treatment for us both to have each others child. I am 7 months gone now and have decided to leave work for a year, so while I sit and rest my bad back I decided to try and write my story. It is about love, acceptance, understanding, support and being true to yourself. I write this as a guide to how life should be, rather than the pain and hurt Amy and Melissa experienced in there young lives. I see it every day, and so far I have yet to meet anyone who shares the kind of love Amy and I have, maybe except mom and dad. I would like to believe there are others like us, I really would.

I hope you enjoyed my story, even though there is much more I want to tell you about, like what we did on holiday and what we did with all those toys and what happened once I left school and what happened next, especially how on my last day of school I told Melissa about Amy and I being together and engaged. That morning Amy had officially proposed and I had worn the ring on my wedding finger all day at school. She was so happy for us, but that she also kind of guessed. I could ask you to use your imagination what we did with all those toys and the handcuffs, or I could have my baby and try and write the rest. But for now, Amy is calling me, she has offered me a back rub, and who knows much more. For now, thank you for reading and who knows maybe I could tell you about the time I got trapped naked, outside the honeymoon suite of a hotel in Greece, shouting at a women who simply laughed her naked ass off, while she was safe in the room.

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