Sad Julie, Bad Julie

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“I’m majorly bumming,” Julie frowned, a tear rolling down her cheek.

“Baby, what’s wrong?” he smiled compassionately.

“I don’t even know, Billy. I just feel sad for no reason.”

Billy nodded. “Maybe you should take a nap?”

“I’m not tired,” she growled, returning her attention to her laptop.

“Well, cheer up!” Billy smiled.

“Thanks!” Julie hissed.

“Jimminy cricket on rollerskates. Who pissed in your Cheerios this morning?”

Julie began laughing at her best friend. “You need help!”

“I do,” he grinned, “but it got you to smile!”


He watched her eyeing the lead singer of the band, their favorite band. The sole reason they had become friends back in high school: Silverchair. Not many girls loved the group as he did, and he appreciated Julie for her neverending love of Daniel and co.

“I want that,” she cooed.

Billy shook his head and met her gaze.

Daniel Johns.

The delicious little blonde singer. He certainly was worth drooling on- Billy had spent many of his own teenage years doing just that.

“Julie?” he screamed into her ear.


“I’m going to take a walk, I’ll be right back, okay?”

She was dancing to the music and simply nodded. “Whatever.”


The band’s set had ended, and he’d parked himself in the entrance to their dressing room. The perfect location to be noticed.

To get his attention.

“Hey there,” he spoke in that gentle Australian accent, smiling sweetly.

Billy returned the delicious grin. “Hey.”

“I’m Daniel,” he offered, shaking the male’s hand delicately.

“Billy,” he laughed. “I know who you are.”

“Really?” Daniel asked with fake surprise.

“Really,” Billy winked.

“Well then,” Daniel canlı bahis smirked. “I know who you are, as well.”

“Oh good,” Billy smiled. “Then you won’t mind taking a walk with me.”


Billy glanced around the emptying club and found Julie sitting at the bar. “There you are,” he grinned.

“Here I am,” she snorted, looking at her watch. “That was some few minutes there, Bill.”

“Yeah, well,” he dismissed. “Look, you’ve gotta come with me!”

“I most certainly do NOT!” Julie shrieked and spun off her stool. “I’m going home. You coming, mister?”

Billy shook his head. “Come on!”

He grabbed his friend, picked her up, and carried her backstage. She watched as he threw open the door marked “Band Only” and walked inside unannounced.

“SURPRISE!” came a shout from across the room.

Julie’s jaw dropped.

Billy set her down to the ground and grinned. “Don’t just stand there, you schmuck.”

Julie couldn’t move. Her feet were simply riveted to the ground, her eyes wide staring at the blonde man sitting on the sofa.


He stood up and stepped toward the young girl. He was her height, and she stared up into his gorgeous blue eyes.

Even prettier than Billy’s, she thought.

“In case you’re wondering,” the man laughed, “I’m Daniel.”

Julie busted out laughing and shook her head. “Oh, I wasn’t wondering!”

Daniel blushed.

“I’ve….been…you’ve….I’m going to faint!” she rambled incoherently.

“Don’t do that!” Billy laughed. “Please don’t do that!”

Julie nodded, returning her eyes to the naked God standing before her.

“You are?” he cooed, running his hand up and into her long, dark hair.

She stared at him, her mouth open but not formulating any words.

Billy shook bahis siteleri his head in amusement. “Julie.”

She giggled. “That’s my name!”

Daniel grinned. “Julie, you’re overdressed.”

She stared in awe as he reached a dainty hand across the void between their two bodies, grabbing the buttons of her blouse and slowly loosing each one. When his work was complete and she was drooling, he pushed the garment off her shoulders slowly. Her shorts quickly followed.

“You’re drooling,” Billy laughed.

“I’m naked,” Julie grinned.

“Mmmhmm,” Daniel smiled. “And quite deliciously moist.”

She jerked when she felt his finger enter her body. Feeling slightly more bold, she reached her hand down and grasped his shaft.

“Do you have a present for me?” she smiled wantonly.

Daniel’s voice went husky. “Maybe,” he grinned.

“Mmmm,” Julie moaned as she felt his finger encircle her clitoris. “A big present indeed.”

Billy laughed at this, sliding his own hand down inside his boxers.

When did he get unclothed?, Julie wondered. Not that it mattered.

“You’re beautiful, Julie,” Daniel grinned.

His body lurched forward as her hand enclosed around his hardness, and used his cock to lead him over to the couch.

Once he was seated next to Billy, he pushed Julie away slowly. He realized he was going to lose it soon if he didn’t calm himself, his breathing already ragged and his entire body a flame with prickling energy. “Wait a sec,” he groaned. “Gimme a sec.”

She laughed as he began stroking himself slowly, with rough, calloused hands. His strokes seemed to match Billy’s, the pair of men working their hard cocks languidly as they sat and watched Julie expectantly.

“Mmm, I’ll watch,” she cooed and stood before them with wide eyes.

Daniel bahis şirketleri grunted and rasped, “Come sit down.”

Billy jerked himself with intense strength, watching as Julie stood over Daniel and began to slowly lower herself onto his waiting erection.

“Ride me,” the blonde demanded with a growl.

Julie happily obliged this order, beginning to gyrate her hips slowly and bounce softly on his lap.

“Oh god,” he moaned and placed his hands firmly on her tiny hips, forcing her up and down at his desired pace.

“Fuck,” she shrieked, her eyes never leaving Billy’s. “Pump harder.”

Billy groaned at her, and both men hurried their paces.

“Oh fuck,” Julie continued to shriek. “Fuck me, yeah. Pump harder, harder.”

Billy couldn’t take it any longer, issuing a loud growl, he jumped off the sofa and stood in front of Julie and Daniel. “Suck it! Hurry!” he growled.

Julie leaned as far forward as she could, grabbing Billy’s naked hips for leverage. She flicked the tip of her tongue over the head of his cock, and felt his entire body pulsate. He moaned, assuring her that she’d received his approval. She continued to lick and suck his length, his hips driving himself further and further into her, as Daniel plunged more and more feverishly inside her.

“Fuckanfuckahfuck,” Daniel growled and slammed her down onto his hard cock one last time.

Seconds later, Billy made an incoherent roar and exploded all over her lips. She grinned and licked them clean.

“You’re a fucking whore,” Daniel grinned. “I like it!”

Billy was silent as he wiped himself, then helped Julie stand and clean off.

“Are you alright?” he asked Julie with sincere concern.

“Sure,” she grinned. “Who wouldn’t be after that?”

“What I mean is,” Billy stammered. “Are you still bumming?”

Julie shook her head and licked her lips. “Not anymore!”

Daniel stared from Billy to the girl, and laughed softly. “Did we cheer you up, babydoll?”

Julie blushed. “HELL FUCKIN YEAH!”

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