Sana Loses Her Virginity

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My name is Sana, I am a Pakistani girl but have spent most of my life in the USA. These days I am studying Medicine in London. This is the first of my many sexual experiences.

My family is from Pakistan but we are fairly modernized. From my teens I was allowed to dress in shorts and dresses, on the beach and pool I would wear proper swimwear and my parents had no problem with this unlike many traditional Pakistani parents. I have two sisters one elder and the other is younger than me. This was my first year in the UK, I was 23 at that time. We had a winter break after a very hectic semester, to add to that the weather was gloomy and I didn’t want to go back to the US as it was the same there. Even though I was missing my family I had decided to enjoy and take a break.

I asked my parents if I could go to Thailand for a vacation with friends. They were a bit apprehensive but after my insistence they agreed. I had planned this trip with my best friend Ayfer, she was from Turkey. We met at the university and immediately liked each other. I had actually lied to my parents and the trip was with just Ayfer alone. A week later Ayfer and I boarded our flight to Bangkok and took an immediate connecting flight to a remote Island called Koh Phangan.

We wanted to relax and enjoy ourselves so we decided to get a beach hut on the island. We didn’t plan much afterwards and decided that we’d see what happened after a couple of days. The island was very beautiful, we checked into a beach hut which had a queen size bed. We were Okay with sharing the bed as we were close friends. Since the flight was long, we reached our destination late at night and went to bed immediately.

In the morning I woke up earlier than Ayfer and was amazed to see her sleeping with me only wearing a lace panty and nothing else. I tried not to but could see her amazing body and nice breasts which were a tad bit smaller than mine. Like me she had no hair on her body and her pink nipples were fully erect. I went to the restroom and came back to see that Ayfer was up. We dressed and came out of the hut and saw one of the most beautiful scenes ever, white sandy beach clear turquoise water warm rays of the sun.

We couldn’t wait to hit the beach, we quickly went to the restaurant nearby and had breakfast and came back to the room. We wore our bikini and came out running and jumped in the sea. The water was so warm and relaxing, we swam in the sea for some time letting our stress melt away. After enjoying the warm water we came out and lounged on the sun beds. We ordered some beer and cocktails. As the day passed we started getting high and cheery. There were not many people on the beach but I could see a couple few feet away. The woman was topless and the man was wearing shorts. They were lying on their backs enjoying the warm sun.

Ayfer casino siteleri also looked at them and decided she wants to go topless as well, even though I tried to convince her not to she removed her top and laid down on the sun bed on her back. Her glistening breasts with nipples pointing towards the sky. She dozed off while I was enjoying the scenery, my eyes then led me to the man and his wife a few feet away from us, I could see that he had now had his eyes fixed on Ayfer’s bare breasts. He and his wife looked like in mid thirties, He was enjoying the firmness and tenderness of Ayfer’s young body. What shocked me the most was that he had removed his shorts and had an erection which he was stroking. He was unaware that I could see him as I was wearing dark sun glasses, he was upping his pace and suddenly shot a load which landed a few feet away from us.

I was feeling something between my legs and was turned on. After some thinking I got up casually and removed my top while facing the man, I was avoiding any sort of eye contact with him, once I removed the top I took some sun block and applied generous amount to my breasts, I could feel he was watching all the show. I then laid down on the sunbed on by back and closed my eyes. This new found freedom was sending tingles down my legs and I could feel the man’s gaze on me. In a few minutes Ayfer was up and was pleasantly surprised to see me topless. We started talking about random stuff and made plans for the evening.

We were fully indulged in our evening plans when we were interrupted by a masseur who asked us if we wanted a massage. I was topless in front of an unknown man and was panicking mentally and before I could say anything Ayfer said yes and asked him if he had another friend. He said that he has a friend who can come immediately. He made the call on his cell and immediately we saw a good looking Thai girl coming our way. By the time they started we had a few more cocktails and were very relaxed. They inclined our sun beds and we were now lying flat on our stomachs on the sun beds.

Our massage was about to start but the biggest shock for me was when Ayfer insisted that she wants to be massaged by the girl. I had never let a man touch my Pakistani body but here I was in a spot of bother and reluctantly accepted. To relax us the girl gave us a tree bark to chew which we did and felt very light headed.

My whole body was relaxed and we were ready for the massage. The man and woman first removed their clothes and quickly applied oil to their bodies, they were only wearing loose shorts, the girl was now topless. After thoroughly applying oil to their bodies, our massage started. We were lying face down on the bed and they were gently working on our neck and back. It felt so good and the pressure applied to my body was just perfect. After spending generous slot oyna time on our backs, they started massaging our feet moving to our calves and back of our thighs. It was feeling so good. I was really enjoying this moment when I heard the girl asking Ayfer if she can remove her bikini bottom?

Ayfer was so immersed in the experience that without hesitation, she said yes, the Thai guy took it as a ‘yes’ from me and untied by side tie bottom. He then moved his hand underneath my belly and raised by body to remove the bottom. After doing so they started working on our ass applying generous amount of oil. The Thai man was also rubbing my asshole, he was probing every part of my Pakistani body which no other man had seen yet. While doing this he parted my legs and was now rubbing my pussy lips with his finger probing my clit. I was unable to move, a wave of pleasure was passing my body and my brain was shocked on what was happening. My eyes went to the husband and wife nearby, they had moved a little closer to us, both were naked and the wife had the man’s cock in her mount and she was sucking it expertly. My gaze then went towards Ayfer, she was in a similar situation with her legs parted and the Thai girl rubbing her asshole and pussy.

Right at that moment the Thai girl removed her shorts and she had cock which was fully erect. I couldn’t believe my eyes, I was brought back to reality when the Thai man massaging me moved towards the Thai girl, He too had removed his shorts and was supporting an erection it was not huge but was quite thick. They quickly oiled each others body, all the while we didn’t move, Ayfer was facing the other side and had no eye contact with me, the husband and wife were in 69 position watching our every move. I was again brought back to reality when I felt the Thai man climb on the sun bed, with his well lubricated body he laid down on top of me and started rubbing his body against mine all the while not putting too much weight on me.

This was driving me crazy, I was wet as a sea while his erection poking and rubbing against my ass, Ayfer was getting the same treatment, the husband and wife had now moved in a doggy style fucking position and the husband was rubbing his cock again the well lubed pussy of his wife. He then entered her and slowly fucked her, right at that moment, the Thai man moved me on all fours, he got behind me and started rubbing his cock on my Pakistani virgin pussy. He was lubricating his cock with my juices, he then slowly entered me, I let out a moan but he continued and with a hard thrust broke my hymen and was fully in me.

There I was a virgin Pakistani girl being fucked by a Thai man out of wedlock, he was taking my body and I didn’t want to stop him, I wanted him to continue and take me fully. He started pumping me after letting me adjust to his girth, the pain was canlı casino siteleri subsiding and I was enjoying this meanwhile, I heard Ayfer moan, I looked at her and saw the Thai girlie boy entering her asshole from behind. The girl then started pumping her cock and Ayfer’s body started meeting her thrusts.

I was really enjoying the fucking and an orgasm was building inside me, the Thai man then moved his hand from my side and started rubbing my clit all the while fucking me, his thrust becoming harder and faster same as the husband who was now balls deep in his wife. His cock was much longer than the Thai man, at least double in size. This new clit massage and fucking was sending me over the moon, I was moaning in delight when suddenly with one hard and forceful thrust the Thai man emptied his load in me, my orgasm hit me at the same time my body shuddering and moans of pleasure coming from me. My screams were joined by Ayfer’s as her orgasm hit her. I collapsed on the bed letting a mix of my juices, sperms and blood out from my inside.

After a few moments of recovering, I saw the husband and wife naked smiling at us, Ayfer and I were fully spent. The Thai couple then told us to lie straight and massaged our breasts and legs. In about 30 minutes we were done we paid them and they left with a smirk on their faces.

After a couple of hours our bodies came back to senses, we went to the sea and washed ourselves joined on a distance by the husband and wife. We actually didn’t mind what had happened today, secretly I always wanted to take this first step as I was always interested in having sex soon but didn’t find a guy to give my virginity too. It was strange that this was taken from me by an unknown older Thai man.

That night we had a great dinner and got really drunk. We got to our hut and Ayfer started removing her clothes and got naked. I followed her lead. We slept naked and at around midnight, I felt Ayfer’s hand on my breasts and she leaned over and kissed me. Then she started exploring my mouth with her tongue slowly and intimately getting on top of me, she then moved her head down and started sucking my nipples, and gradually moved down and started licking my pussy.

I was wet as Niagara Falls at that moment. Ayfer then turned us into a 69 position and I started returning the favor. Her pussy juices tasted amazing and my tongue was copying the movement of what she was doing to me. She was leaking her honey like juices in same quantity as me and I had trouble lapping it all up. She then took out what seemed to be like a two headed dildo and inserted one side in me, My well lubricated pussy immediately accepted hald of the dildo and Ayfer started slow fucking me building my orgasm, she then positioned herself parallel to me and inserted the other end inside herself. We started moving our bodies back and forth, fucking each other and climaxed 3 to 4 times that night.

We then slept in that embrace and woke up late afternoon the next day. Ayfer also gave me a morning after pill to avoid pregnancy…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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