Hubbie’s humiliation

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I could not stop the rush of heat that invaded my face as I felt the towel being ripped from my body. Being somewhat overweight I am no longer able to firmly tuck the bath towel around my waist, and must attempt to hold the ends together. My wife had called me into the “living room” area of the extended stay hotel she had been living in for the past 3 months as she had been out of town working as a travel nurse.

Lynne had hidden around the corner and as I entered the room, she had reached out and with a swift tug removed the towel from my body. She did this just as my eyes had adjusted to the dimly lit room enough to recognize that there were three other forms in the room. In an instant the light switch was thrown and there I stood, damp from the shower, nude in the midst of four clothed women.

“Hey Hubbie! Here are my friends from work I have been telling you about. They wanted to meet you!” Lynne said with a wry smile on her face.

I had instinctively moved my hands to cover my flaccid penis. Perhaps had my cock been erect I would have not been so embarrassed. Or perhaps had I been 70 pounds lighter so that my pubic fat and not enveloped nearly half the length of my lifeless cock, I could have been less ashamed. But at age 45, my cock when not erect was just over two inches long, clearly nothing to be proud of.

“Don’t you want to meet the girls?” Lynne said “where are your manners?”

The first of the trio of strangers stood. Her red hair was curly. Freckles dotted the pale skin of her pretty face. She was about 5’6″ and looked to be in her early to mid 30’s. Her breasts were clearly outlined by her silk blouse, they appeared to be a pair of firm “B” cups and clearly braless. “Hi, I’m April” she said has she extended her hand.

This action forced me to decide if I was going to remove my right hand from it’s protective position over my cock or turn and run. I extended my hand. “Nice to meet you.” I gulped as I spoke.

The woman to her left, stood almost at the same time. This lady appeared to be somewhat older; perhaps almost forty. She was a tall blond, nearly 6 feet or perhaps more with a pretty face, but she had more pronounced “crows feet” when she smiled. Her breasts which looked to be a “C” cup, were veiled under a thin sweater.

She extended her left hand and looked me square in the eye. “Hi, I’m Tina” she clearly expected me to take her hand, despite the fact that she spoke immediately after I had greeted April, and April had not released my hand.

“Hubby, Tina is going to think you are rude!” Lynne said.

I had shared my fantasy of being nude in front of her friends with her for year. She had steadfastly refused to allow this. She was too proud to let her friends come into our home, view my nude form and then have to face them at work or other settings. This travel assignment had allowed her to make friends with people she would never see again, and now she had choreographed this little stunt as a combination pay back and life lesson in the course of “be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.”

I knew that I had in fact asked for it. I knew that if I did not play along, I would never be allowed to ask for anything again, ever! So I held up my left hand and there I stood, stark naked, my manhood had shrunk back as though it had been doused with ice cold water. The taller Tina raised our hands and April ducked under, causing me to spin around and come face to face with the Busty brunette who remained the only nameless woman in the room.

“Oh my god, Lynne! I thought you were only kidding when you told me about the size of your hubbie’s dick.” “It is so tiny; cute, but tiny.”

I glanced over at Lynne as this nameless woman evaluated by cock out loud. Lynne’s neck revealed a slight red blotch of embarrassment.

“I’m Judy.” She said. “So, you are the man she left behind! Not much in the penis department is there?” She continued.

“Well, it does get a lot bigger when he is hard.” My wife came to my defense.

“Really?” Judy said with a somewhat skeptical tone. “Is that true?” She now looked me directly in the eye as she spoke.

“Yes, it is larger when I get hard.” I looked down as I spoke trying to avoid her glare.

“Do you guys believe that?” Judy glanced to Tina and April.

“well, they usually get a little bigger.” Tina said.

“So, what do you pack, a 4 incher?” Judy quizzed.

“It’s around 6 inches when it is hard.” Once again I gulped.

“6 inches?” April said “I don’t believe it, there is no way it can expand that much!”

“Ok, then, get it hard!” Judy instructed “I want to see what you’ve got!”

With that April and Tina released my hands. I glanced at Lynne and she smiled and nodded her head. My right hand slipped to my shrinking dick and tugged on it as the ladies sat down in front of me. I stood alone facing April and Tina Gaziantep Elden Ücret Alan Escort on the love seat, Judy sat to my right in the high back xhair and my wife to my left on one of the two chairs from the “kitchen” table.

Although I tried every trick I knew, my cock was not responding. I reached my balls with my left hand and massaged them, hoping that the extra stimulation would bring my cock to life, but dispute my best efforts there was no response.

“Having trouble, big guy?” Judy was clearly in control of the situation.

I did not answer her, I had been keeping my eyes down towards the ground, because everyplace I looked there was a woman with a silly skeptical grin on her face. I could not look at my wife. My inability to achieve an erection was likely due to some degree to the fact that before my shower we had fucked.

My flight had arrived at 5 pm, we went out to eat and returned her hotel for my first fuck in 3 months. After we finished My wife had instructed me to wash my cock real good, this being code for masturbation. I had attempted to cum again in the shower, but I was spent from our romp. In any event, my cock had already been hard for much of the past 45 minutes.

“I thought you were just kidding when you told us you were traveling because your sex life had cooled down!” Judy was clearly talking to Lynne.

“Do you need some help?” Judy chuckled. “Lynne, do you mind if we help your Hubbie get his cock up?”

“Well, he should be able to do it himself, but you know he was slowed down a good deal in his advanced age! He could use some. I guess since you are all nurses, it would be ok.” Lynne said.

“Ok, then, how about we make a contest out of it, and see who can get Al hard the quickest. April you go first.” Judy suggested.

April feel to her knees in front of me. She was fully dressed. I waited for her lips to kiss my limp dick, but she choose to use her hands. She tugged and pulled, rolled and twisted my cock as her other hand toyed with my balls. It had been years since any woman other than my wife had touched my cock. It seemed like hours, but as the blood responded to the stimulation (and the fantasy I was having about being able to fuck this woman when she was done), I was jolted back to reality when Judy’s voice called out.

“Two minutes” she announced. And April returned to her couch.

“Hubby, don’t you think you should offer out guests something to drink?” Lynne said.

“I’m sorry, would you like something to drink?” I was taking drink orders for 4 women with a hard dick!

They placed their orders and I promptly went to the fridge and retrieved the soft drinks, poured the soda into the hotel glasses and served the women. This activity caused my penis once again to quickly go flaccid.

“He does not have much staying power, does he Lynne?” Judy once again criticized my manhood.

“Your turn Tina, you think you can bring some life back into his tiny dick? We didn’t even have time to measure it, but it didn’t look like six inches to me!” Judy giggled.

Tina stood up and pulled her sweater over her head, revealing a lavender bra, which while supporting her breasts was lacy enough to expose the upper inner quadrants of her large areolas. She placed her hand on my shoulder as she moved behind me. Once positioned at my back she removed her hand. A moment later she tossed her bra around the back of my neck. She brushed her nipples on my back as she moved her hands from my hips to my cock. As she toyed with my dick, she pressed her breasts into my back. Had I been 20 years younger, my cock would have sprung to attention the moment her bra hit my neck. While it was not instantaneous, it was not long before having a nude woman rub my back with her tits once again had the desired effect.

“One minute, thirty seconds!” Judy proclaimed.

“Oh, yeah.” Tina said as she slid her hands back, squeezed my ass cheeks, and pulled her bra off my neck. A moment later, she appeared in front of me her tits incased in the thin bra. She stood with her back to me and said, “Would you please hook my bra?”

Hook it? Shit I wanted to rip it back off her and push my face into her mounds. But I did as instructed.

“Did you see the hors d’oeuvre platter in the refrigerator?” Lynne asked, as I nodded my head in affirmation, she continued “Don’t you think our guests would like some hors d’oeuvres?”

I once again walked the few paces to the fridge with a raging hard on. I have had blue balls only once in my life, and while my nuts were not aching as they did the night I made out with a virgin, there was a distinct ache in my groin. I retrieved the tray, removed the cover and made my way from woman to woman, allowing them to take an appetizer. And once again, by the time I made it to my wife, my cock had gone limp.

“Ok, Buster, what’s up with that dysfunctional cock of yours?” Judy winked at my wife as she spoke. “Get over here!” She tossed the stop watch to Lynne. “It’s your turn to keep time, start when I touch him.”

I was standing in front of her chair. She reached out and grasped one ass cheek in each hand as she pulled me closer. My cock was somewhat lower than her mouth, so she had to lean forward a bit as she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue to lick the head of my cock. She flicked at the head a few times before engulfing my cock with her mouth. She sucked for a few moments and then she started gently chewing on my soft shaft. Then she pulled her mouth back until my cock was nearly out of her before she once again gobbled her way to the base of my dick. After an all too brief period my cock was once again engorged with blood. She pulled her head back and straightened up in her chair.

“Time!” She shouted.

“One minute, fifteen seconds.” Lynne said.

The ladies all clapped in response. As Lynne picked up a measuring tape used to measure the size of an newborn’s head. She wrapped it around my cock, “5 7/8” inches around, then she pushed the end of the tape into my pubic mound and ran the tape along my dock to the tip of the head “Nearly six inches, just a bit under!”

“Damn, that is amazing!” April said. “I’ve never seen one grow that much!”

“That is so cool!” Tina said.

“Yeah first time I saw it limp I could not believe that it had shrunk so much!” Lynne said.

“It’s good looking” April said, “but it would be perfect if it was just a little bigger!”

“You did not give them a tour of the hotel suite; don’t you think they would like to see the rest of the place?” Again Lynne reminded me of my duties as a good host.

“I think I would like to see the bedroom.” Judy said as she stood up.

She took me by the cock and led me towards the bedroom. When we got to the bed, she pushed me just hard enough to cause me to fall back on the bed. She jumped onto the bed next to me, and moved to straddle my legs. She bent forward and once again brought her mouth to my cock. I closed my eyes. The next thing I knew, the other women were in the room. April and Tina had each grabbed a arm and Lynne was busy tying a rope to my legs and threading it under the bed and tying my left hand before once again threading the rope under the bed, to my right hand, and then back under the bed to my feet. Once I was firmly tied, Judy pulled her head off my cock.

“Al, do you know what night this is?” Judy asked. Before I could respond, she continued. “This is girl’s night out! And in-as-much-as this is Lynne’s last night in town; we are going to have some fun! You do not mind do you?’

I dared not say anything. I just closed my eyes.

“Honey, I’m sorry I tied you up, but I could not risk you playing with yourself while we were gone. Don’t feel like you have to wait up, we will be ok! Do you want the TV remote? She placed it in my hand as the other women left the bedroom. She ran her hand along my arm, down my chest and gave my cock a little pat. I hope you enjoyed your dream come true!”

I could not make out the words, but the girls chatted and giggled as they gathered their possessions and left the hotel. I strained my ears to try and hear if one of them had remained behind, or perhaps my wife had not left with them.

I clicked the TV on and checked the TV guide channel to check the time. It was 10 PM, my fantasy had lasted for less than a half hour. I wanted to jack off; but I dared not try and get out of my bonds. I was not tied tightly that I could not have escaped. But I knew that if I got out, the game would be over.

I watched “Law & Order, SVU.” Ironic, I thought. Had I done the same thing to my wife, the crazy bitch on SVU would be on me like stink on a stick! Local news was next. I expected Lynne back by the end of the news, yet she did not show. I turned to watch American Justice and caught the end of an episode of a woman who disappeared from a Bar. By midnight, she had still not returned. There was nothing to do but wait. The shows ended one after the other, until finally at 2:30 AM, I heard the door open.

Once again I heard whispers. The light in the bathroom came on, and I heard the door shut.

“Lynne?” I called out.

From the living room, she answered that she was home, so I knew there were at least two women in the suite.

“I will untie you in just a few minutes baby.” She called out.

I heard the toilet flush and the shower turn on. Once again the bathroom door opened and closed. Once again I called out, but this time nobody answered.

Finally the door opened a third time. It was not long before Lynne entered the room with a towel wrapped around her 38 DD breasts. Her hair was wet. She moved towards me.

“Do you have to pee?” She asked.

“Oh, yes, like a racehorse!” I replied.

“DO you want me to untie you, so you can use the bathroom, or do you want to wait?”

“Baby, I have got to pee.” I wanted to get a glimpse of the other room and find out who was in the suite.

As she started to untie me, the redhead with the smaller tits walked into the room. She too had wet hair. She too was dressed in only a towel. There was a slight sex flush visible on the light skin of her chest. Her freckles went down to the towel’s edge. I had often wondered just how far freckles went. Did redheads have freckles on their tits? I was soon free and wanted to pee.

I left the door to the bathroom open as I stood over my stream. Lynne stood in the doorway behind me.

“The couch is made up for you; please do not knock on the bedroom door.”

With that she turned and I heard the bedroom door close and lock. I finished and walked to the bedroom door. I placed my ear to the door, and could hear the muffled sounds of their sex play. With time, it got louder.

“Oh god, yes, I love it when you lick my nipples!” It was Lynne’s voice. “Oh, yes, oh darling, you are wonderful!” “Oh, god, I’m cuming, I’m going to cum.”

I heard somebody get out of the bed, as footsteps came towards the door. I sprung to the couch and quickly pulled up the covers.

“Darling, would you like to sleep in here with us?” Lynne asked sweetly.

Once again, I bolted towards the door. She did not move.

“When I said sleep, I meant sleep, no funny business!” She said firmly.

April was on what we called “Lynne’s side” of the bed, farthest from the door. Lynne got in and moved to the center of the bed. I took my place beside her. Lynne moved unto her left side and reached her arm across April’s body, I’m sure she must have been cupping April’s firm breast in her palm. I turned as well, pressing my cock into her ass cheeks. Lynne turned her head over her shoulder, “good night sweety.” I moved to kiss her and then turned out the light and resumed my position.

It must have been five or six AM when I awoke to the girls having sex. April was between Lynne’s legs and Lynne was moving her hips and arching her back as she once again approached orgasm. She did not cry out, she bit her lip and clenched her fists around the sheet to stifle her orgasm, yet she surely came. I pretended to be asleep. Had they wanted me to join them, they would have indicated it. I quickly feel back asleep.

Once again I woke; this time to the sounds of Lynne and April talking about how much fun they had had. April noticed I was awake. Once again, they were wrapped in towels and had wet hair.

“Good morning sleepyhead!” April said, “You are a good sport! You don’t feel too bad about last night do you? I really think you have a good looking cock!”

“Naw, it’s ok, I kind of enjoyed myself.” I tried to be magnanimous about everything.

“Move over!” Lynne said as she came to my side of the bed. April went around to the other side; placing me in the middle this time. Lynne and April both dropped their towels before getting into the bed. April was the first to lick my cock, then Lynne. Like little girls sharing a sucker they took turns. April would engulf my cock, then Lynne would copy her movement. If April licked Lynne licked. If April sucked Lynne sucked. Every once in a while the action would stop and I would open my eyes, just in time to see them break their kiss and they would return to my dick. Finally, April took matters into her own hands and jacked me a few times, as my cock started to throb, she pushed the head away from her and I exploded my cum on Lynne’s tits! April moved up in the bed. For the briefest of moments April lay on top of my chest and kissed me full on the lips. She did not open her mouth to allow me the full access that my wife had enjoyed.

She looked me in the eyes and said “Thanks for sharing your wife with me, you had better take good care of her, because she can come back and work with us anytime, and next time, she might not come back!” She once again kissed me and got up.

“Honey, you need to get in the shower if we are going to get on the road today, we have a long drive back to Ohio!”

I did as I was directed. When I got out of the shower Lynne was alone in the bedroom, she had finished pacing the last of the bags. April was gone. Lynne had her back to me. I walked over and turned her to face me. There was a tear in her eye.

“What’s wrong baby?” I had not seen the expression on her face before.

“I love you darling! I never want us to be apart again! But I am going to miss April, she showed me a part of myself I never knew I had.” Lynne confessed.

I held her for a few moments, trying to gather my thoughts. “It’s ok, it’s all ok. I love you too!”

“Baby, I have a lot to tell you, about the past three months.” Lynne said.

“It’s ok, we have a long drive ahead of us, and we are going to have a long life together.” I reassured her.

With that we loaded the luggage cart, tossed the keys on the table, and headed to the car.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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